Ingrown Toenails

Ingrowing toenails can be very painful, become infected and need addressing by a HCPC registered podiatrist. Occasionally they require antibiotics (issued by the podiatrist) to assist in treating the infection.

Foot-Doctor-ExamThey are caused by the side of the nail digging into the skin, which leads to an infection that makes the toe swell. If caught early they may be helped by professional attention – however often they require surgery.

A small section is removed from the one or both sides of the nail under Local Anesthetic. A substance called phenol is then applied, which stops the nail growing back incorrectly. Very occasionally patients require the whole toenail to be removed.

The majority of our patients report that they are pain-free and back to normal after a few days. As such many people choose to undergo the procedure on a Friday night or Saturday morning, so that they are able to go back to normal activities by Monday.

This NHS information page provides further insight into the procedure.