Diabetic Assessment

People living with diabetes can be vulnerable to foot and nail problems, some of which occur because the nerves and blood vessels supplying their feet may be damaged. This can affect the feeling (peripheral neuropathy) and circulation (ischemia) in their feet. These changes can be gradual and go unnoticed, unless they receive regular check-ups from a podiatrist or health professional during a diabetic foot health check. 

David Cartwright and the podiatry team at Advance Podiatry have extensive experience treating diabetic patients. In addition to receiving foot care from a professional podiatrist, David advises diabetic patients that they should:

  • check feet every day for blisters, breaks in the skin and signs of infection
  • wash feet every day in warm water with mild soap
  • moisturise feet every day
  • cut or file toenails regularly, making sure not to cut down the sides of the nail
  • change their socks/stockings every day, avoiding elasticated seams
  • avoid walking barefoot to avoid injury

For more information on caring for your feet when you have diabetes visit the Diabetes UK website, or The Royal College of Podiatry.