Fungal Nail Treatment

This is a difficult condition to treat. There are several treatments available from simple topical applications to laser treatments and oral medication.

No one single treatment option is 100% effective, however, it is best to treat earlier rather than later. This increases the chances of success. We offer:

The cold Lunula laser

Laser Treatment using both a hot PinPointe laser and cold Lunula laser to attack and kill the fungus. We find mild/moderate infections can respond well to this. To prevent the risk of reinfection we combine laser treatment with using a topical anti-fungal solution on the affected nails.

→ Reduction of the affected nails, followed by the topical application of an anti-fungal solution. We reduce nails so the the anti-fungal solution can reach the affected area of the nail more easily.

No treatment is 100% successful against this condition but we’ll do our best to help.