Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a NICE (National Institute for health Care and Excellence) approved procedure – that uses mechanical high energy sound waves to treat plantar fasciitis. 


Each treatment takes around 20 minutes. A gel is applied to your skin over the area to be treated, and the shockwave therapy will be delivered through the hand held probe. You might need up to 4 sessions. If your pain has improved but is still troubling you then you can have another 3-4 sessions. 

This treatment has been shown to increase blood circulation and activity in the cells, which speeds up the body’s own healing process. The nerves can also be over-stimulated by the shockwave, which leads to reduced pain. 

Shockwave therapy can be uncomfortable and there may be some minor, short term side effects – these will be discussed further at your appointment. You should be able to continue your usual activities following shockwave treatment. We would suggest avoiding any strenuous exercise or impact, such as running, for the first 48 hours. You can wear your usual shoes after treatment.