Steroid Injections

Some patients come to us in a great amount of pain as a result of their foot problems. When appropriate, we can administer steroid injections which give them short term relief by reducing inflammation. Common conditions which can be treated using steroid injections include:

  • Ligament Inflammation (including plantar fasciitis)
  • Nerve Irritation (including neuroma and tarsal tunnel syndrome)
  • Tendon Inflammation (tenosynovitis)
  •  Soft tissue ‘lumps and bumps’ (including ganglions/bursitis)
  • Scar tissue sensitivity
  • Localised joint pain
  • Arthritis (including osteo/rheumatoid/gout/pseudogout)


The podiatrist may administer a local anesthetic before the steroid injection, but it is important that patients are aware that the treatment can cause pain at the time and up to 48 hours afterwards. We may use an ultrasound machine to guide the injection, if required.